1883 a Yellowstone Origin Story - Review

I have to admit I was fairly apprehensive to watch this show. I am and have been a big fan of the Yellowstone franchise however, at this point in my life and where we are at in the the world today I was not really interested in the subject matter when it was first released.

I heard an interview with Taylor Sheridan on the Joe Rogan experience and I decided to take a look at the show again and holy sh&t, it is good.....damn good.

From a cinematic viewpoint the cast could not have been better, the cinematography could not have been better but most importantly was that the editing was incredible. The way that the tension scenes that, most of the time would have been sped up to add an element of drama, were slowed down to a crawl with classical music laid over them was fascinating to me. It doubled the feeling of drama and really pulled you in to the humanization of the scene.

From a life point of view it was humbling. I am mean really humbling. I have lived in the Northwest all of my life up (at the time of this writing) and been around the Oregon trail and a lot of the remnants of the people that came here over hundred years ago and never really thought about that journey and how challenging it was and would be. I will not give any spoilers but if you have see the show you know what I am talking about.

The Responsibility Of Freedom

I was very impressed by the way the variable of freedom and liberty was woven into the story as, the responsibility of freedom and liberty has been on my mind a lot over the years. The other side of the freedom is not as promoted as it it should be in my opinion.

What what have we done from those that came before us?

What I was thinking pretty much through the series is how soft and lazy people have become compared to those that came before us. Which might explain the world that we are in. Case in point. I saw this yesterday and I have seen these before and laughed many times, I just thought it was amusing and led into my observation.

It's Joe Rogan's Fault

Anyway, this is fairly short but I thought I would share my experience and thank Taylor Sheridan and the whole cast and crew for an amazing project that they accomplished.

This is Where We Are At.....HAHA!!